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FW: [802SEC] Standards Staff Discussions

Jim,  I'd like to 2nd Roger's point on this.  One of the prime advantages of
CD-ROM is that it has all "the latest stuff" and it always has in the past.
devalue the program to make it no better than "Get802" is a slap in the face
all our members, who work so hard to produce these standards.  We went to 
this program to save the IEEE money on producing the books to hand out, and 
sold it based on the convenience and currency of the CD-ROM.  To undercut 
that agreement at this point is unconscionable.  We need to loudly protest 
this move and stick up for our members rights to some token which
their significant contributions.  It's all we really get, and once it's gone
never see it again.  The way I read the vote was that it showed strong
for the continuation of program just as before.  To change the rules after
the fact 
is to invalidate that vote and require a whole new round of discussions and 
some new choices for voting.  
Thanx,  Buzz
Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
Boeing - SSG
PO Box 3707, M/S: 7M-FM
Seattle, WA  98324-2207
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> From: 	Roger B. Marks[]
> Sent: 	Wednesday, September 12, 2001 10:32 PM
> To:
> Subject: 	Re: [802SEC] Standards Staff Discussions
> >2) Received feedback on CD-ROM for 2001 from Jerry Walker. Financial
> impact
> >of GetIEEE802 is difficult to assess. Downloads have been very high, but
> >most renewals coming due the next month. Have received go-ahead for the
> >CD-ROM program from IEEE Staff provided that only those standards on the
> >GetIEEE802 list would be included. Also, license would be the same.
> >Regarding the ballot we have taken, with a vote of
> >6approve-1donotapprove-5didnotvote, we are marginal on passing the ballot
> >per operating rules. I will talk to Paul Nikolich on Monday to determine
> status.
> Jim,
> The vote was based on the assumption that the CD-ROM would contain 
> "all IEEE 802 standards available at that point in time..." This was 
> in a note attached to the motion. The point was also raised during the
> discussion.
> So, now it seems that IEEE will prohibit the CD from including 
> standards not already on the web. This does change the picture.
> Roger