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Re: FW: [802SEC] Standards Staff Discussions

Buzz -

Well put.


At 12:31 13/09/2001 -0700, Rigsbee, Everett O wrote:

>Jim,  I'd like to 2nd Roger's point on this.  One of the prime advantages of
>CD-ROM is that it has all "the latest stuff" and it always has in the past.
>devalue the program to make it no better than "Get802" is a slap in the face
>all our members, who work so hard to produce these standards.  We went to
>this program to save the IEEE money on producing the books to hand out, and
>sold it based on the convenience and currency of the CD-ROM.  To undercut
>that agreement at this point is unconscionable.  We need to loudly protest
>this move and stick up for our members rights to some token which
>their significant contributions.  It's all we really get, and once it's gone
>never see it again.  The way I read the vote was that it showed strong
>for the continuation of program just as before.  To change the rules after
>the fact
>is to invalidate that vote and require a whole new round of discussions and
>some new choices for voting.
>Thanx,  Buzz
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> > From:         Roger B. Marks[]
> > Sent:         Wednesday, September 12, 2001 10:32 PM
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> > Subject:      Re: [802SEC] Standards Staff Discussions
> >
> > >2) Received feedback on CD-ROM for 2001 from Jerry Walker. Financial
> > impact
> > >of GetIEEE802 is difficult to assess. Downloads have been very high, but
> > >most renewals coming due the next month. Have received go-ahead for the
> > >CD-ROM program from IEEE Staff provided that only those standards on the
> > >GetIEEE802 list would be included. Also, license would be the same.
> > >Regarding the ballot we have taken, with a vote of
> > >6approve-1donotapprove-5didnotvote, we are marginal on passing the ballot
> > >per operating rules. I will talk to Paul Nikolich on Monday to determine
> > status.
> > Jim,
> > The vote was based on the assumption that the CD-ROM would contain
> > "all IEEE 802 standards available at that point in time..." This was
> > in a note attached to the motion. The point was also raised during the
> > discussion.
> > So, now it seems that IEEE will prohibit the CD from including
> > standards not already on the web. This does change the picture.
> > Roger
> >