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Re: [802SEC] Standards Staff Discussions


While they are at it are they going to eliminate the complimentary paper 
copies to the 802 developers also?
I fully support our motion to continue the CD-ROM as before
I fully support that you as chair act on the result of the 802 motion which 
(may I remind you) you insisted that only you had the right to formulate 
and put up for vote.


At 11:32 PM 9/12/01 -0600, Roger B. Marks wrote:

>>2) Received feedback on CD-ROM for 2001 from Jerry Walker. Financial impact
>>of GetIEEE802 is difficult to assess. Downloads have been very high, but
>>most renewals coming due the next month. Have received go-ahead for the
>>CD-ROM program from IEEE Staff provided that only those standards on the
>>GetIEEE802 list would be included. Also, license would be the same.
>>Regarding the ballot we have taken, with a vote of
>>6approve-1donotapprove-5didnotvote, we are marginal on passing the ballot
>>per operating rules. I will talk to Paul Nikolich on Monday to determine
>The vote was based on the assumption that the CD-ROM would contain "all 
>IEEE 802 standards available at that point in time..." This was in a note 
>attached to the motion. The point was also raised during the discussion.
>So, now it seems that IEEE will prohibit the CD from including standards 
>not already  on the web. This does change the picture.