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[802SEC] a student needs some help

I'm sorry if this email disturb you
I got your email address from

Let me introduce my self
i'm Setiawan Anas
a college student of Gadjah Mada University

I want to ask you some questions 
about HFC MAC protocol specially IEEE 802.14

 Here the questions:
 1. HFC network can be used for internet (cable modems),
 telephony, video, and soon.
 Is it true that all data (data, telephoniy analog/digital
 are encapsulated in MPEG 2
 2. What is the function of Media Access Arbitration?
 3. In old literatures, HFC used TDMA, FDMA or CDMA for
 multiple accessing.
 IF we implement HFC MAC Protocol such as 802.14, Do we
 still uses those multiplexing methods.
 4. QoS In 802.14 based in the Qos ATM, why?
 5. Whats for the paralell implementation?
 6. The sync messages sent through the
 downstream channel, which band frequency?
 7. What is the Piggybacking?
 8. In a home that using a cable modem (for data) 
    and a set top box unit (for vod),
    Is it possible that a collision can happen from both
device in a home.
 9. What is a descriptor, physically?
 10. A minislot, what it is like in reality?
 11. How a station receive its data, 
     and this data cannot be read by other station for


Thanks a lot,

Setiawan Anas P.
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