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[802SEC] example of delays in Balloting Center

Here is a new example of my interactions with the Balloting Center. 
On Monday, I requested that a ballot start on Friday; I offered to 
post the ballot package to a specified URL by then. Yesterday 
evening, I was told (see below) that they will not put me in the 
queue until my ballot package is ready; after that, they hope to 
start the ballot within 5 days.

I would be much happier doing this myself.


>Dear Roger:
>Thank you for your E-mail.  As I mentioned to you on my previous E-mails,
>the Balloting Center (BC) has a very big work-load right now and it keeps
>increasing everyday, since this is a very busy time for us at the standards
>department.  However, they are doing their best to send everything ASAP.
>With that in mind, the best date they can give you is approximately 5 days
>after the whole package (draft, etc), is submitted to the BC.
>Also, please confirm what do you mean by confirmation ballot?  Do you mean
>recirculation ballot?
>Thank you for your understanding.
>Angela O.

This was a reply to my note of Monday:

>>Dear Angela,
>>I would like to request that the Balloting Center prepare to open a
>>P802.16/D5 Confirmation Ballot. This ballot should not be launched
>>until Draft 5 is available. I have every expectation that it will be
>>ready by this Friday, October 12, and I would like that to be the
>>date for starting the ballot.
>>Below, you will find my draft of the announcement note. It is
>>complete except for the Ballot Number (I inserted asterisks in the
>>URLs for the vote and the comments).
>>For this ballot, I will support distribution of the ballot package on
>>IEEE 802.16 web sites. I am not asking the Balloting Center to
>>distribute any files.
>>Please let me know whether the Balloting Center will be ready to open
>>this ballot on Friday.