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[802SEC] Gates and IEEE 802.11 Std.

Note the item below from previous chair, Don Loughry.
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Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 10:47 PM
Subject: Gates and IEEE 802.11 Std.

I call your attention to a rather astounding quote in USA Today (10/31/01) .  The headline reads "Gates speaks on bioterror, Passport and importance of 802.11". The article was written by Kevin Maney in the Technology section. It reported on dinner conversation the evening before Windows XP introduction last week. The article is wide ranging, shifts to the internet bubble which Gates describes as a giant distraction that, in time, will be seen as having debilitated tech innovation. During the dotcom era innovation per dollar was lower than at any time in history. A journalist then asked if anything significant came out of the past few years.  "People will look back and say, 'Wow, at least they did 802.11', Gates asserts". Added explanation is then given about 802.11. A cartoon with Gates holding an "802.11" star is within the article.

This is in some ways a remarkable statement or perhaps Bill Gates is "maturing" somewhat. In previous years, Microsoft in general and Gates in particular have had harsh words for standards efforts, have pulled the rug out from under key standards projects, and been quick to criticize "non-Microsoft" efforts.

Jim, could you forward this message on to Vic Hayes and any others you think might be interested in the 802 community.