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[802SEC] Procedure 10 report on P802.3ae/D3.4

Colleagues of the Exec
Per Procedure 10 I am reporting to you on the progress of P802.3ae/D3.4, final WG Ballot recirc before moving on to LMSC Sponsor Ballot.


1. The ballot cover letter shall include the following statement: "This ballot is being conducted under the procedure for conditional approval of the IEEE 802 Operating Rules (add the exact reference and the current IEEE 802 Operating Rule URL here)."

This was done

2. Confirmation ballot is completed. Generally, the confirmation ballot and resolution should occur in accordance with the schedule presented at the time of conditional approval.

Confirmation Ballot closed on Monday, December 3

3. After resolution of the confirmation ballot is completed, the approval percentage is at least 75% and there are no new DISAPPROVE votes.

The APPROVAL percentage is 99.5%
There are no new DISAPPROVE votes after the resolution of comment activity

4. No technical changes, as determined by the Working Group Chair, were made as a result of the confirmation ballot.

I find that the changes are minor editorial.

5. No new valid DISAPPROVE comments on new issues that are not resolved to the satisfaction of the submitter from existing DISAPPROVE voters.

This condition has been met.

6. If the Working Group Chair determines that there is a new invalid DISAPPROVE comment or vote, the Working Group Chair shall promptly provide details to the SEC.

Does not apply.

7. The Working Group Chair shall immediately report the results of the ballot to the SEC including: the date the ballot closed, vote tally and comments associated with any remaining disapproves (valid and invalid), the Working Group responses and the rationale for ruling any vote invalid.

The purpose of this e-mail is to satisfy this requirement.
The ballot closed at Midnight PST on December 3
The vote report:
The following is the status of the ballot and comments from D3.4.

Ballots: 186 Approve, 1 Disapprove, 49 Abstain
Return rate: 80.6%
Approval rate: 99.5%
Abstain rate: 20.8%

Comments: 27 new, 2 unresolved TRs that were recirculated and remain unresolved.
        Those unresolved TRs gathered no new comments
Editorial: 22 comments (16 accepted, 4 rejected, 2 withdrawn)
Technical: 5 comments (all withdrawn)
TR: remain unresolved
The final comment report is attached.
The recirculated unresolved negatives are on the right side of page 1.

I believe that this satisfies the entire requirement.
We intend to open Sponsor Ballot today, Friday, December 7, 2001.


Geoff Thompson


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