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[802SEC] IEEE 802.16 press release

Title: IEEE 802.16 press release

Thanks for getting the IEEE 802.16 press release onto the IEEE-SA front page:

While I knew that IEEE had trademarked "WirelessMAN", I was surprised to find the trademark symbol attached to "802.16" (in 12 places). I'd like to better understand exactly what the trademark covers. I'm a little confused by the press release's statement that "IEEE Std 802.16, WirelessMAN is a trademark of the IEEE." Exactly what term is trademarked?

[By the way, I didn't find "802.16" on the USPTO site <>. (I did, however, find "802" registered to IEEE for "pamphlets of standards and specifications for local and metropolitan area networks", to Wayne Gretzky for hockey equipment, and to the Bose Corporation for loudspeakers).]

I would like to voice an objection to one particular use of the trademark symbol in the press release: the reference to our previously-published standard as "IEEE Standard 802.16.2". I request that you reconsider this use of the trademark symbol inside a standard number. I hope that, if you agree with me, you will correct the version on the web.

Thanks for all your help in getting the press release out.



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