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Re: [802SEC] Resignation


It is with much regret that I accept your resignation in this matter.

I thank you for your help over the last two years as one of the 802.11 
parliamentarians, and look forward to seeing you in future meetings as a 
continuing member of the working group.

Stuart J. Kerry
Chair, IEEE 802.11 WG....

At 09:18 AM 1/25/02 -0800, Bob O'Hara wrote:

>Given the questions raised as to my impartiality when performing the duties
>of parliamentarian for the working group, I hereby resign that position.  It
>is important that the parliamentarian not be seen to be making parliamentary
>recommendations based on their opinions of other issues than the rules
>pertaining to the parliamentary issue.  That is why Robert's describes the
>responsibility as it does.
>I think that it is an unreasonable expectation in the working group that our
>parliamentarian not have the rights of the other members to make motions,
>vote, etc.  Unless the working group decides to hire an outside
>parliamentarian, I think it is highly unlikely that any parliamentarian will
>be able to meet those requirements.
>I am glad that I have been helpful to this point.  However, it will be
>better for the working group if I step down.
>Respectfully submitted,
>  -Bob
>Bob O'Hara
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