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[802SEC] Wednesday deadline for 802 News Bulletin info


So far, I have information for the 802 News Bulletin only from Tony, 
and no one  has given me a Working Grop point of contact.

Per the note below, Karen needs everything by Wednesday.

Let me remind you of the details of my request:

>As PR Point of Contact, I agreed to solicit news items for the next 
>802 News Bulletin.
>Please format items along the lines of the last News Bulletin:
>Assume that the audience is not made of specialists in your field.
>Send them to Michael Bratnick <>, with a copy 
>to me. Please try and get your material submitted by this weekend. 
>The Bulletin will be delayed by the delay of a single Working Group. 
>I have agreed to hound-dog the Working Group chairs until they 
>respond. If you plan to submit no material, please let me know so I 
>can stop pestering you. Also, if you name a PR contact for your 
>group, I can start bugging that person and leave you alone.



>Thanks for the information. It's helpful. We are particularly interested in
>the formation of the 802.18 Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group. This
>may warrant a separate press release. We will be following up for more
>Unfortunately, to date we have not received news items/information from the
>802 working group chairs or designated points of contact. Per Roger's email
>of 14 March to "stds-802-sec"--that asked for the chairs to try to get us
>their news items by this past weekend--we anticipated having a portion if
>not all of the information needed to begin work on the 802 News Bulletin
>I realize moving forward, we are working on putting in place an improved
>process to get the information in advance of the meetings so we can begin
>to draft the news bulletin and specific press releases, and I will be
>providing a plan to 802 that addresses this shortly. However, in light of
>our current situation, in order for us to get the next edition of the
>bulletin (covering the recent March 802 Plenary) within the next two weeks,
>we need to have all working group activity information by Wed, 20 March.
>Thanks so much!
>Karen McCabe
>Senior Marketing Manager, IEEE Standards
>445 Hoes Lane, PO Box 1331
>Piscataway NJ 08855 USA
>PH: +1 732 562 3824
>>I have attached a top level summary of the non-working group activities for
>>Project 802 that can be used in the IEEE press release.  See attached.
>>Please review and forward to Karen McCabe.