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[802SEC] 802 news IEEE 802 News Bulletin - July 2002

Hello all:

Below please find the IEEE 802 News Bulletin.

My apologizes for missing to forward it before.

Have a good day!

Angela Ortiz
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Dear IEEE 802 News Bulletin Subscriber:

Given the great interest in the IEEE 802(R) LAN/MAN Standards activities
covering wired and wireless local and metropolitan area networks
technologies, the IEEE Standards Association has created an email News
Bulletin for the news media and other interested parties.

This edition of the News Bulletin, located at, covers working group
activities during the IEEE 802 Plenary Meeting in Vancouver, Canada, from
July 8-12.

Highlights include:
- Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Study Group Chartered
- IEEE 802.19 (TM) Coexistence Technical Advisory Group Formed
- IEEE P802.1X (TM) Issued for Working Group Ballot
- IEEE P802.3ah (TM) "Ethernet in the First Mile" Passes First Critical
Standards Milestone
- IEEE P802.11i (TM) (Security Improvements) Task Group Resolves Major
Encryption Issue
- Basic Interoperability Testing for 10-66 GHz WirelessMAN-SC Air Interface
Moving Rapidly
- First Full Draft of IEEE P802.17 (TM) Completed; Features Set to Be
Frozen in September

For full details and more highlights, go to

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email to and include the following command in
the body of the message: unsubscribe 802news <your email address>

Best Regards,

Markus Plessel
IEEE Standards Activities