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[802SEC] new 802.16 PARs for consideration in November

Dear SEC:

I am pleased to notify you that 802.16 is submitting the following three PARs for approval in November:

(1) P1802.16.2: 10-66 GHz Test Suite Structure and Test Purposes <>

This is the second of the three conformance standards we plan for the 10-66 GHZ air interface. The first is moving rapidly; the PAR was approved on August 15 and we have already initiated a Call for Comments on a 161-page proposed draft. We would like to open the new PAR in December because we expect input before the March meeting.

(2) P802.16d: Detailed System Profiles for 2-11 GHz <>

This project, an amendment to IEEE Std 802.16, is the lower-frequency parallel to our 802.16c project, which passed Sponsor Ballot and which we expect to be approved by RevCom in December.

(3) P802.16e: Physical Layer and Medium Access Control Modifications for Mobile Operation in Licensed Bands below 6 GHz
<> (PAR)
<> (Five Criteria)

This PAR, for an amendment to IEEE 802.16, is the work of the 802.16 Mobile Wireless MAN Study Group. It is the next step in the development of the 802.16 air interface, following up the 2-11 specification in 802.16a, which has passed Sponsor Ballot (pending recirculation).

We are open to comments from other Working Groups and ask that they be delivered to us, per the custom, by 5 pm on Tuesday of the Plenary Week.