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[802SEC] Submission of P802.1s

At the last Plenary I was granted approval to submit P802.1s for Sponsor 
ballot. That ballot completed with no Disapprove votes, and a small number 
of minor technical and editorial comments. I have already requested a 
Sponsor recirculation ballot of P802.1s/D15 to confirm the small number of 
resultant changes; my expectation is that the recirculation will not throw 
up any additional problems, and will confirm the existing 100% approval rating.

Given the timing of the submission deadline for the December RevCom (1st 
November), I would if at all possible like to be able to submit P802.1s to 
RevCom in time to meet that deadline. Therefore, I would like to make the 
following SEC motion:

"SEC grants conditional approval for forwarding P802.1s/D15 to RevCom, 
under SEC Procedure 10".

Collateral information:

- Ballot of P802.1s/D14.1 closed 2002-09-09
- Voting tally: 23 Approve, 0 Disapprove, 3 Abstain
- No Disapprove comments or votes
- Confirmation ballot has been requested; ballot resolution (if needed) 
will be conducted during the Kauai meeting.