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Re: [802SEC] Submission of P802.1s


So your plan is:?
         1) If no new disapproves or draft changing comments
                 Submit 11/1 for December with no new recirculation
         2) If new disapproves or draft changing comments
                 Submit for March REVCOM meeting

There is no point to doing comment resolution at the November meeting if 
you have submitted except in the VERY limited circumstances set forth below.

The Sponsor Ballot process requires that you "consider" all comments. I 
would have to assume that the "consideration" of comments is not serious if 
the session for doing that is not scheduled until after the package is 
submitted to REVCOM. It would be arguable at REVCOM that you were not 
following the process if you were to do that even if all of the comments 
received were APPROVE/Editorial. The only way out that you would have to 
argue against this point (and you should argue this) is that the comment 
resolution meeting has the right to pull the package from the REVCOM agenda 
if there is any comment resolution which would change the draft or require 
an additional recirc.

The only other appropriate draft changing "product" of the November comment 
resolution meeting would be a list of changes that the publications editor 
could "consider" during preparation for publication.

The other method, of course, is that you could have a comment resolution 
meeting between close of recirc and Nov.1.

I 'spect you know all of this, but I figured it was a good opportunity to 
keep things clear for all of the other WG Chairs.


At 03:34 PM 10/9/2002 +0100, Tony Jeffree wrote:

>At the last Plenary I was granted approval to submit P802.1s for Sponsor 
>ballot. That ballot completed with no Disapprove votes, and a small number 
>of minor technical and editorial comments. I have already requested a 
>Sponsor recirculation ballot of P802.1s/D15 to confirm the small number of 
>resultant changes; my expectation is that the recirculation will not throw 
>up any additional problems, and will confirm the existing 100% approval rating.
>Given the timing of the submission deadline for the December RevCom (1st 
>November), I would if at all possible like to be able to submit P802.1s to 
>RevCom in time to meet that deadline. Therefore, I would like to make the 
>following SEC motion:
>"SEC grants conditional approval for forwarding P802.1s/D15 to RevCom, 
>under SEC Procedure 10".
>Collateral information:
>- Ballot of P802.1s/D14.1 closed 2002-09-09
>- Voting tally: 23 Approve, 0 Disapprove, 3 Abstain
>- No Disapprove comments or votes
>- Confirmation ballot has been requested; ballot resolution (if needed) 
>will be conducted during the Kauai meeting.