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Re: [802SEC] IMPORTANT NOTE: IEEE 802 Meeting room audio visual update

Microphones are a definite necessity.

I ran into this problem before Vancouver. I solved it the 802 way: by 
going shopping.

I picked up a nice mixer, three decent mikes, and cables for about 
$250. More stuff to ship and store, but it's far cheaper than renting 
(even if you throw it out after a week).

The only thing missing is a mike stand. Those are hard to ship! We 
borrowed one or two from the hotel. In a pinch, you can put the mike 
on a chair.


>Ditto from me. Floor mikes are vital for our meetings of more than 
>100 people, such as the closing session of 802.3 or 802.3ah. In a 
>big hotel ballroom, you cannot hear a speaker unless they use a 
>microphone, and during the conduct of business, there may be a dozen 
>or more speakers on any given item. It is impractical to have them 
>all gather at the front of the room to use a single microphone, and 
>it wastes a great deal of time to have them get up from their seat 
>and walk to the front of the room when it is their turn to speak.
>We tell people to line up behind the floor microphone to await their 
>turn to speak. We call this the "physical queue". Our attendees have 
>gotten trained to use this system, and it works very well for us. It 
>saves us a considerable amount of time, and helps us organize our 
>While I support Bob's analysis of the productivity impact, I think 
>that there is a much larger opportunity cost. We are usually very 
>constrained for meeting time, and every minute we can save during 
>the conduct of business allows us to get more business done. Thus, 
>the opportunity cost of a floor microphone can be standards 
>development business that gets left undone. Please let us have floor 
>mikes for our large meetings.
>Grow, Bob wrote:
>>When 802.3 requests a floor microphone, it is important to 
>>productive conduct of business.  This is especially true at closing 
>>meetings (802.3ah, 802.3 where motions involve significant comment 
>>from participants.  I would assume not having the microphone 
>>extends an active closing 802.3 plenary by 0:30, so 200 people @ 
>>$50/hr. (very conservative) is a productivity loss of $5000.
>>I obviously have a problem with this arbitrary decision, and am 
>>curious as to where this referenced 802 guideline is published.
>>--Bob Grow
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>>From: Dawn Slykhouse []
>>Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 7:18 PM
>>To: IEEE 802 SEC
>>Cc: Darcel Moro; Jennifer Hull; Howard Frazier
>>Subject: [802SEC] IMPORTANT NOTE: IEEE 802 Meeting room audio visual update
>>Importance: High
>>  Memo to:  IEEE 802 Working Group Chairs
>>From: Face To Face Events Inc.
>>Re: Microphones
>>Please note podiums with microphones have been requested for only 
>>the meetings which have specified podiums.  We have requested long 
>>cords on all the microphones.  As noted in the 802 guidelines, and 
>>confirmed by Buzz Rigsbee, all there is one microphone allowed per 
>>meeting with 50 or more attendees.  If you have requested more than 
>>one microphone please be aware there will only be one microphone in 
>>your meeting room and it will be located at the front of the room. 
>>Any comments or concerns should be directed to Buzz.
>>Darcel Moro
>>IEEE 802 Meeting Manager
>>Face To Face Events Inc.
>>Tel: 604/944-2652
>>Fax: 604/944-2012