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RE: [802SEC] IMPORTANT NOTE: IEEE 802 Meeting room audio visual update

At 14:51 04/11/2002 -0800, Rigsbee, Everett O wrote:

>So this sounds like a proposal that that the guideline be amended to allow a
>2nd microphone for meetings with >100 attendees.  Is this enough of a change
>or do we need to go further ???  Are there times when Wireless microphones
>are justified or should we look into buying our own ???  Is there an upper
>limit on what would be appropriate ???

Its hard to generalize on this - I have been in meeting rooms of >50 at 802 
meetings before now where if we hadn't had a microphone we would not have 
been able to conduct business doe to other ambient noise pollution sources. 
Certainly needed for >100; sometimes may be needed for smaller meetings too.

>This still seems like a topic for an SEC subcommittee to work out a specific
>recommendation on to me.  Any volunteers to participate ???

I'd like to volunteer everyone else to participate ;-)

Seriously - does this really need a subcommittee?? We seem to be able to 
conjure up new projectors at the drop of a hat; does this need to be any 
harder to resolve?

Specific recommendation: Provide floor mics as a matter of course for 
meetings >100 attendees. Have the flexibility to provide them in 
circumstances where it is obvious that they are needed as a consequence of 
the environment of the meeting (noise sources, shape of room, ...etc).