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RE: [802SEC] IMPORTANT NOTE: IEEE 802 Meeting room audio visual update

So this sounds like a proposal that that the guideline be amended to allow a
2nd microphone for meetings with >100 attendees.  Is this enough of a change
or do we need to go further ???  Are there times when Wireless microphones
are justified or should we look into buying our own ???  Is there an upper
limit on what would be appropriate ???  

This still seems like a topic for an SEC subcommittee to work out a specific
recommendation on to me.  Any volunteers to participate ???

Thanx,  Buzz
Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
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From: Howard Frazier [] 
Sent: Monday, November 04, 2002 1:52 PM
To: IEEE 802 SEC
Cc:; Darcel Moro; Jennifer Hull
Subject: Re: [802SEC] IMPORTANT NOTE: IEEE 802 Meeting room audio visual

Ditto from me. Floor mikes are vital for our meetings of  more than 100 
such as the closing session of 802.3 or 802.3ah.  In a big hotel 
ballroom, you
cannot hear a speaker unless they use a microphone, and during the 
conduct of
business, there may be a dozen or more speakers on any given item. It is 
to have them all gather at the front of the room to use a single 
microphone, and it
wastes a great deal of time to have them get up from their seat and walk 
to the
front of the room when it is their turn to speak.

We tell people to line up behind the floor microphone to await their 
turn to speak.
We call this the "physical queue". Our attendees have gotten trained to 
use this
system, and it works very well for us. It saves us a considerable amount 
of time,
and helps us organize our debates.

While I support Bob's analysis of the productivity impact, I think that 
there is
a much larger opportunity cost. We are usually very constrained for meeting
time, and every minute we can save during the conduct of business allows us
to get more business done. Thus, the opportunity cost of a floor microphone
can be standards development business that gets left undone.  

Please let us have floor mikes for our large meetings.


Grow, Bob wrote:

> When 802.3 requests a floor microphone, it is important to productive 
> conduct of business.  This is especially true at closing meetings 
> (802.3ah, 802.3 where motions involve significant comment from 
> participants.  I would assume not having the microphone extends an 
> active closing 802.3 plenary by 0:30, so 200 people @ $50/hr. (very 
> conservative) is a productivity loss of $5000. 
> I obviously have a problem with this arbitrary decision, and am 
> curious as to where this referenced 802 guideline is published.
> --Bob Grow
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> From: Dawn Slykhouse []
> Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 7:18 PM
> To: IEEE 802 SEC
> Cc: Darcel Moro; Jennifer Hull; Howard Frazier
> Subject: [802SEC] IMPORTANT NOTE: IEEE 802 Meeting room audio visual 
> update
> Importance: High
>  Memo to:  IEEE 802 Working Group Chairs
> From: Face To Face Events Inc.
> Re: Microphones
> Please note podiums with microphones have been requested for only the 
> meetings which have specified podiums.  We have requested long cords 
> on all the microphones.  As noted in the 802 guidelines, and confirmed 
> by Buzz Rigsbee, all there is one microphone allowed per meeting with 
> 50 or more attendees.  If you have requested more than one microphone 
> please be aware there will only be one microphone in your meeting room 
> and it will be located at the front of the room.  Any comments or 
> concerns should be directed to Buzz.
> Darcel Moro
> IEEE 802 Meeting Manager
> Face To Face Events Inc.
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