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[802SEC] Re: stds-802-16-mobile: Creating Unique Identities for the two mobility PARs

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Subject: Re: stds-802-16-mobile: Creating Unique Identities for the two
mobility PARs  
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 00:16:26 +0200

Dear M&M
I tend to agree with Mark's spirit, in the sense that a distinction can
made between the two mobility groups based on the fact that 802.16 is
working on adding mobility functionality to the 16a standard, while ECSG
an blank slate. But I also agree with Marianna that backward
was never the issue.
Perhaps indicating the 250kmh speed in the 802.15 PAR conveyed the wrong
idea, and might have caused a misinterpretation of the intention.
speed has to be included in the PAR, as it is an essential measure of a
mobile system performance. Maybe a minimal speed of 90kmh should be set
higher speed should be considered as "best effort"


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Sent: Sunday, November 03, 2002 12:17 PM
Subject: RE: stds-802-16-mobile: Creating Unique Identities for the two
mobility PARs

> Dear Mark,
> I think that we disagree on the 802.16 scope. We are not looking for
> "backward compatibility" with our existing 802.16a standard.
> We are looking to improve the existing 802.16a standard, to support
> high speed, high data rates mobility.
> We think that we can take advantage of > 80% of 802.16 MAC, by
>  it to support mobility.
> And we do not target "pedestrian mobility". We know, due to work done
>  within 802.16 SG, that even the existing 802.16a OFDM and OFDMA
>  PHY work at very high speeds.
> I think that a key difference issue is the data rate. We look to
> the
> fixed and mobile wireless service, based on high data rates provided
> both BS and CPE equipment. We will be able to target mobile terminals,
>  as well as to provide mobile symmetrical feeding for moving "Hot
> Regards,
> Marianna
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> From: Mark Klerer []
> Sent: Sunday, November 03, 2002 1:44 AM
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> Subject: stds-802-16-mobile: Creating Unique Identities for the two
> PARs
> Roger, Brian
> In response to the SEC chair's request that we work toward defining
> identities of the two mobility PARs, I would like to suggest the
> The 802.16 Study Group has the charter of allowing the evolution of
> compliant systems toward supporting mobility. To that end it would
> logical that changes to the PHY and MAC be fully backward compatible
> the existing specification and that no a priori statement be made
> station speed that can be supported by such a system. I would like to
> suggest that the PAR therefore focus on these aspects and that the
> scope be described as:
> To amend the 802.16 standard to support combined fixed and mobile
> from within a single system. The extension will address PHY and MAC
> that are fully backward compatible, while supporting mobile subscriber
> operation and roaming between 802.16 base-stations or their sectors.
> amendment will allow high spectral efficiency (3~4 bits/s/Hz),
> sizes and NLOS operation.
> The ECSG PAR's objective, on the other hand, is to develop a standard
> is optimized for broadband wireless data mobility without any a priori
> assumptions about the technologies used to realize that objective. The
> therefore, states the design objective of developing a spectrally
> solution that will support mobility classes up to 250 Km/h. I believe
> there are no changes required in the wording of that PAR.
> In essence we then have two PARs with, one addressing the need for a
> solution optimized for full vehicular mobility and the other the need
> extending the capabilities of 802.16 systems to support a level of
> This is a new proposal that I believe should allow the SEC to approve
> PARs. I am copying the two mobility groups in order to get their
> this proposal and see if they will agree to such PARs. If this is
> we could formally revise the PAR on Monday or Tuesday and approach the
> on Friday with a consensus position.
> Regards
> Mark Klerer
> Chair - MBWA-ECSG
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