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RE: [802SEC] Kibis in Kauai

I agree completely with all of Tony's comments
and observations below ... even the (deservedly)
sarcastic ones :-)


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> From: Tony Jeffree []
> Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2002 5:31 AM
> To: Howard Frazier
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> Subject: Re: [802SEC] Kibis in Kauai
> Howard -
> Its good to know that the traditional IEEE principle of 
> openness has been applied to this activity...
> Some observations:
> - Raising a PAR in May, completing Sponsor ballot in July, 
> and gaining 
> revCom approval in September of the same year is a remarkable, even 
> superhuman, feat - and one that can only be accomplished, 
> IMHO, in the 
> absence of considered review - unless, of course, the project 
> is entirely content free and/or uncontentious.
> _ As your slides point out, it is clear that this process has 
> not been made 
> open to interested parties (such as 802) that may well have 
> been moved to 
> join the balloting pool if they had been aware of this 
> activity and its 
> impact, and might even (perish the thought) have chosen to 
> pass comment on 
> this interesting document.
> - I believe that the SB should rule that the Sponsor Ballot 
> was invalid for 
> the above reasons, and that the pool should be re-formed, following 
> explicit notification and to all other IEEE standards 
> activities/committees 
> that might be affected, and following a suitable notice 
> period (6 months?) 
> for the notification to reach individuals that may feel the 
> need to join the pool.
> Regards,
> Tony