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Re: [802SEC] Proposed 802 survey form


WOW, that is much more support for the survey than I expected.  Thanks.

While doing the survey on the web offers solutions to a bunch of
problems, there are some issues.

	1)  I did receiver some comments on the survey that were not broadcast
to the 802 SEC alias.  These comments led to some minor changes in some
of the questions and the addition of another question.  Unfortunately I
did not have change tracking turned on when I made the changes.  The
updated survey is attached.

	2)  I would like to record each responder's answers as a row (or
column) in an Excel spread sheet.  That way correlations between
responders can be investigated if we want/need to.  Just keeping
counters of how may responders give a particular answer looses that information.

	3)  Whether to place a link to the survey in a more obvious place,
perhaps the "IEEE 802 Plenary/interim meeting information" page (

	4)  Will we get a comparable response rate using the web versus passing
out paper surveys in a meeting?  I certainly don't know the answer to
this, but it concerns me.

	5)  What do other members of the SEC think of doing this on the web?

802 SEC comments and suggestions are requested.



"Roger B. Marks" wrote:
> Bill,
> I've turned the survey into an HTML form:
> I'll mention it during the .16 Opening Plenary; I'll put a hyperlink
> to it on the agenda. Submissions will go to me.
> Depending on your deadline, I'll stop taking responses, compile the
> data, and send the summary to you. When do you need it?
> Do you just want the totals for each question, or do you want some
> kind of database to do something fancy, like correlate responses?
> I don't mind if other groups want to use this link. Collecting the
> data will be the same amount of work regardless of how many forms I
> process.
> Roger
> At 7:58 AM -0800 02/11/07, Bill Quackenbush wrote:
> >All,
> >
> >For purposes of interim planning, a survey was conducted at the
> >September 802.1/.3/.17 interim in New Orleans.  The survey was developed
> >primarily by the Howard Frazier, the Chair of 802.3ah and Steve Carlson,
> >the Chair of 802.3af.  The information developed from the survey has
> >been determined to be quite useful and is being used in the planning of
> >the January 802.1/.3 interim in Vancouver.
> >
> >In light of the need to increase the 802 Pleanry registration fees, Buzz
> >and I would like to conduct a similar survey in Kauai to determine that
> >802 is providing a set services and accommodations that are desired by
> >Plenary meeting attendees and at an acceptable price.
> >
> >To that end I have prepared the attached survey form.  With Howard's
> >permission I have borrowed MASSIVELY from Howard's and Steve's survey.
> >The strong points of the attached survey are almost certainly borrowed
> >from Howard and Steve, the weak points are mine.
> >
> >I know this is short notice, but I request that all 802 SEC members, and
> >anyone else who is interested, please review the survey and provide me
> >guidance as you see fit.  If you elect to edit the document, please turn
> >on "change tracking" so that I can quickly what you have done.
> >
> >Also, would the Chair of each WG/TAG indicate whether they would be will
> >to take a few minutes out of one of their meetings to allow the survey
> >to be completed.  Form completion was done just after lunch at the New
> >Orleans interim and the return rate was very high.
> >
> >My thanks in advance,
> >
> >wlq

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