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Re: [802SEC] Should we continue to meet in Hawaii?

Given the high costs of having it in Hawaii (and possibly Japan) we could 
probably net people ahead by having it in Australia, New Zealand or Korea.

If we were really doing this in Hawaii for (1) business and (2) the 
convenience of folks from the Far East then we would be having the meetings 
on Oahu. Let's not kid ourselves. we come here for the resort factor, 
appropriate or not.


At 08:24 AM 11/12/2002 +0000, Tony Jeffree wrote:

>At 01:21 12/11/2002 -0700, wrote:
>>The original rationale for meeting in Hawaii was to meet our Pacific Rim 
>>attendees halfway once every two years. We reached this decision many 
>>years ago after an unsuccessful search for economically feasible venues 
>>in Australia, Japan, etc.
>>The previous search was done before the recesion in Japan and neighbors. 
>>Also, there have been new venues constructed since then. For instance, 
>>the IETF had a meeting in Yokohama at the Yokohama Grand 
>>Inter-Continental Hotel. There is a Pan Pacific Hotel across the street 
>>for overflow.
>>Given the costs of meeting in Hawaii, the SEC should investigate the 
>>possibility of meeting on the West side of the Pacific instead of in the 
>I agree.