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[802SEC] ANSI approval question


I have noticed that the copies of IEEE Std 802.16 and 802.16.2 on the 
IEEE Xplore web site say, on the title page:

	Recognized as an
	American National Standard (ANSI)

The copy of 802.16.2 also says:

	Approved 1 November 2001
	American National Standards Institute

This is news to me. I never knew these standards were approved by 
ANSI, or even submitted to ANSI for approval.

I'd like to let the 802.16 participants know that these documents are 
ANSI approved. Can you help me find some documentation of this? I've 
checked the ANSI web site, but I can't find anything.

Also: in the future, could I be informed when ANSI approves the standard?