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[802SEC] Request SEC Motion: P1802.16.1/D2 to RevCom


I request that the following motion be entered as an SEC email ballot:

MOTION: To forward IEEE P1802.16.1/D2-2002 ("Draft Standard for 
Conformance to IEEE Standard 802.16 - Part 1: Protocol Implementation 
Conformance Statements for 10-66 GHz WirelessMAN-SC Air Interface") 
for Sponsor Ballot.

Here is an explanation:

The Working Group Letter Ballot results are clean. 802.16's Letter 
Ballot #9 ("To forward IEEE P1802.16.1/D1-2002 for LMSC Sponsor 
Ballot") ran from 21 Nov to 21 Dec. The results were:

Approve: 41   Disapprove: 0   Approval Ratio: 100% [75% required]
Abstain: 8    Ballots: 49     Return Ratio:    59% [50% required]
Comments: 77

Responses were developed by a Ballot Resolution Committee, and 
P1802.16.1/D2 was issued. The comments, responses, and draft were 
subject to 15-day Recirculation Ballot #9a (31 Dec 2002 - 14 Jan 
2003). No responses were received. Therefore, the ballot is closed 
and final.

For a full report of the Letter Ballot, see 

I am asking for an email vote instead of waiting until the March 
meeting because I believe that approval will give us an excellent 
chance of making the 14 April RevCom deadline. Here is the schedule:

The Sponsor Ballot Group is already in place.