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RE: [802SEC] FW: [IP] SBC threatening to enforce 'frame' patent

Carl,  I don't think so, since the license fees are based on company revenue and we are a non-profit organization.  Besides, I'd be amazed if this one stand up under judicial scrutiny since you can't patent an idea or concept or a "look & feel", but only a particular mechanism to implement it.  Other mechanisms to achieve the same affect would not be an infringement.  This looks like a stab in the dark to me.  

Thanx,  Buzz
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Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 2:41 PM
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Subject: [802SEC] FW: [IP] SBC threatening to enforce 'frame' patent

I've only given this a quick read, but my first impression
is that it *might* impact our respective website designs ...
and maybe the IEEE's as well. (though I'm not sure and have
no clue if it will stand up ... just a "heads-up" for you all
to look at ...)


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> Subject: SBC threatening to enforce 'frame' patent
> Dave:
> Thought you might like to see this:
> ****
> SBC Communications claims they own Patent on Internal links and
> Includes, threatens to sue the little guys first, then move to
> the big guys. 
> We received a 40 page package from SBC Intellectual Property
> today informing us that our web site  which has links on the left
> side that go to other web pages within the site  but does not
> lose the left side navigation links  was in violation of their
> Structured Document Browser Patent.
> ****
> -j