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Re: [802SEC] Tutorial slots - March-another county heard from

Just to throw my hat  in the ring as well.  There has been an interest 
group within 15 talking about low bandwidth applications of UWB ( as 
distinct from the usual high data rate potential).  The interest group has 
picked up a substantial following and at the interim meeting last week, I 
suggested a tutorial in March may be timely.

At 08:06 AM 1/23/03 -0700, Roger B. Marks wrote:

>As I mentioned at the Friday SEC meeting in Kauai, I expect to have a 
>formal Call for Interest on 802 Handoff for the March meeting. Any one of 
>the 90-minute slots would be fine.
> >One of the conclusions that was reached in the Link Security study group 
> meeting held in Vancouver at the beginning of January was that there is a 
> need to get participants in that activity "on the same page" with regard 
> to relevant 802 technologies that they may be unfamiliar with. Three 
> people volunteered to give tutorials on the subjects of Bridging, EPONs, 
> and security, with the intent that these would be given in tutorial slots 
> on either Monday or Tuesday in Dallas. Likely timing would be 1 hour for 
> each presentation, including Q&A time. Obviously, there may be other 802 
> participants not involved in the SG that would find such sessions useful, 
> so it would not be the intent to limit participation to the SG, although 
> the presentations will of necessity be focussed on the needs of the SG.
> >
> >I would therefore like to sponsor the use of 2 tutorial slots for this 
> purpose, on the Monday evening.
> >
> >Regards,
> >Tony

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