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RE: [802SEC] Deadbeat rule change proposal


A couple of suggestions: 

Section 2 is titled "LAN MAN STANDARDS COMMITTEE PLENARY".  It seems
inappropriate to talk about gathering money for interim meetings under
this title.  Maybe the appropriate thing to do is pull the last line of
that section:

	"The LMSC Treasurer may collect fees from all attendees of any
meeting 	held in conjunction with the a Plenary or Interim
session to cover the 	expenses of operating the LAN MAN Standards

It could then be placed in to your section 6.0.

Also, I'm of the opinion that Section 2.0 should really be generalized a
little by replacing the word "Plenary" with "Meetings".  If that was
done, then your section 6.0 could then plug in as a subsection of
section 2.0.  One reason I might want to do this is while we refer to
"interim" meetings in the rules a lot, I don't thing we ever clearly
spell out what differentiates an interim from a plenary.  If we
generalized section 2.0, it would then be a good place to introduce this
definition.  I realize it is stretching the purpose of your rules change
a little. But, the whole point is to bring interims under the coverage
of your rules, so it makes sense to clearly spell out what an interim
is.  For instance, I attended a so called "interim" 802.11e meeting last
week.  It was not truly an interim - it was an ad hoc, and there was no
attendance fee.  But definitions like this need to be spelled out.

Finally, I think we should at least have a pointer to your section 6.0
in section on "Loss" (of WG membership). 

Talk to you soon,


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Attached is my first draft of the proposed deadbeat rule changes.

I have put the new material in a new section so that it applies equally
to any LMSC standards development group meeting.

Your comments are encouraged.