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Re: [802SEC] Deadbeat rule change proposal


Your raise a number of the issues that I considered when trying to
decide how to structure my proposed change.  I elected to make minimal
changes to the existing text.  However, I am generally sympathetic to
your suggestions.

I agree that there should be a section on meetings.  In fact I think the
whole organization of the rules needs to reviewed, but I elected to not
undertake any portion of the that task in this proposal.  I would be
willing to work with you on such a general reorganization.


wlq wrote:
> Bill,
> A couple of suggestions:
> Section 2 is titled "LAN MAN STANDARDS COMMITTEE PLENARY".  It seems
> inappropriate to talk about gathering money for interim meetings under
> this title.  Maybe the appropriate thing to do is pull the last line of
> that section:
>         "The LMSC Treasurer may collect fees from all attendees of any
> meeting         held in conjunction with the a Plenary or Interim
> session to cover the    expenses of operating the LAN MAN Standards
> Committee."
> It could then be placed in to your section 6.0.
> Also, I'm of the opinion that Section 2.0 should really be generalized a
> little by replacing the word "Plenary" with "Meetings".  If that was
> done, then your section 6.0 could then plug in as a subsection of
> section 2.0.  One reason I might want to do this is while we refer to
> "interim" meetings in the rules a lot, I don't thing we ever clearly
> spell out what differentiates an interim from a plenary.  If we
> generalized section 2.0, it would then be a good place to introduce this
> definition.  I realize it is stretching the purpose of your rules change
> a little. But, the whole point is to bring interims under the coverage
> of your rules, so it makes sense to clearly spell out what an interim
> is.  For instance, I attended a so called "interim" 802.11e meeting last
> week.  It was not truly an interim - it was an ad hoc, and there was no
> attendance fee.  But definitions like this need to be spelled out.
> Finally, I think we should at least have a pointer to your section 6.0
> in section on "Loss" (of WG membership).
> Talk to you soon,
> Mat
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> From: Bill Quackenbush []
> Sent: Monday, March 03, 2003 7:36 PM
> To: IEEE 802 SEC
> Subject: [802SEC] Deadbeat rule change proposal
> All,
> Attached is my first draft of the proposed deadbeat rule changes.
> I have put the new material in a new section so that it applies equally
> to any LMSC standards development group meeting.
> Your comments are encouraged.
> Thanks,
> wlq