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[802SEC] new 802 Executive Committee Study Group on Handoff

On March 14, the SEC approved a motion chartering the 802 Executive 
Committee Study Group on Handoff. David Johnston was named as Chair.

As you know, an ECSG Chair is considered an non-voting member of the 
Executive Committee. I'd like to introduce you to David (whom you can 
call DJ). Since he couldn't attend the SEC meeting, I'll have to do 
this by this email.

Bob (O'Hara): can you please subscribe DJ to the reflector?
	David Johnston

At the following URL:

you can find two relevant documents that I presented to the SEC:

*A set of notes on the 802 Handoff Call for Interest of 11 March. It 
includes some background information and my summary of the meeting.

*The output of the Call for Interest meeting; namely, the proposal to 
the SEC to launch the Study Group.

David will decide how to proceed with his electronic organization 
but, in the meantime, people can subscribe to the "stds-802-handoff" 


The reflector archives are at