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[802SEC] Re: Response to 802.20 Proposal

Dear SEC,
In order to put Jerry's response in context, the tentative proposal that was discussed with Geoff, Mark, Jeryy and myself last Thursday afternoon is copied below.
I would appreciate informal feedback from the SEC members if they:
1) support the general approach
2)  support allocating funds (up to $5000) to support Geoff's travel expenses to the 802.20 Interim meeting
--Paul Nikolich
Chairman LMSC



These are the steps we discussed during the meeting March 20, 2003


1) Geoff is committed to continue as interim chair under the following conditions

1.1) His main responsibility is to act as the 'vote of 802.20' for all formal SEC decisions.

1.2) His second responsibility is to appoint 'interim vice chairs' and define their responsibilities

1.3) His third responsibility is to act as a mentor for the interim vice chairs and new officers (when elected)

1.5) His fourth responsibility is to preside over the election of officers for 802.20 at the July plenary

1.6) The interim vice-chairs will shoulder all of the work in managing the day-to-day operations of the 802.20 WG, Geoff will provide oversight and guidance only.  In corporate parlance, the interim vice-chairs will share the Chief Operating Officer responsibilities for the WG; the interim chair will be the Chief Executive Officer for the WG.


2) The interim vice chairs will be Klerer and Upton

2.1) this depends on if Klerer and Upton agree to being so appointed

2.2) this depends on confirmation from the SEC of the interim vice chairs

2.3) the interim vice chairs will manage the detailed day-to-day operations of the WG.  The interim chair and vice-chairs will figure out how to divide the work among the interim vice chairs.

2.4) the first responsibility of the interim vice chairs is to publish the proposed work plan for 802.20 and decide (with Geoff) on the agenda of the May interim meeting.


3) 802.20 constraints

3.1) Membership will be gained and retained per the '2 out of previous 4 session participation' requirement (as per the interim chair’s prior application of that rule).

3.2) Until elected/confirmed 802.20 officers are in place, all external communications and actions from 802.20 shall be approved by the SEC.

3.3) no PARs no liaison statements, no press statements


Action items:

-          Jerry needs to get confirmation he can accept the interim vice chair position

-          There will be an announcement prior to each session (and placed on the attendance book) that by signing in attendees are confirming 75% presence in the meeting

-          Paul will informally poll the SEC if it is:

o       willing to support the entire approach

o       Allocate $5000 for Geoff’s travel to Singapore

o       Waive the Singapore interim meeting fee

-          Geoff will publish his (802.3 based) membership rules



----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, March 23, 2003 4:37 PM
Subject: Response to 802.20 Proposal

Dear Paul,
I thank you and Geoff calling Thursday to review your proposal. Your proposal would:
- - appoint Mark Klerer and myself as interim working Vice Chairs under Geoff
- - require voting members who became voting members at the Dallas meeting to 
     also attend both the Singapore interim meeting and the San Francisco plenary
     meeting to remain voting members for the July plenary meeting so as to vote in
     the new elections
- - provides no roles for the elected Vice Chairs.

After reviewing Paul's minutes of the call and speaking with a number of 802.20 members, I respectfully reject the suggested approach. More work is needed to refine the approach. The refinements and work should take into account:
- - disenfranchisement of existing voting 802.20 members in contradiction to existing
- - the creating of a Singapore interim meeting attendance requirement that may be
     particularly onerous given our industry's financial situation; this has the 
     appearance of being arbitrary
- - lack of a reason to not seat the elected officers on the basis there is no rule
     requiring 802 experience; in your line by line review of the procedures before the
     election no mention of this requirement was covered, even though the
     nominees were know for at least a day prior to the election
- - past precedent in 802.16 for seating a Working Group Chair with limited 802
- - unclear basis for Mark Klerer's role since he was not elected
- - and no roles for the elected Vice Chairs who will also need to get 802 experience
     in managing the group.

By obtaining inputs and views from a large set of 802.20 members including the two elected Vice Chairs, we can together create a solution for moving the group forward. Though traveling next week, I will continue to seek further inputs from a wide selection of 802.20 members.

A conference call with you and the Executive Committee with a goal of developing a revised proposal is a suggested next step. I will ensure my availability anytime on April 1 through April 4th. If these dates do not work for you, I will try to be available as best I can at other times so as to solve this problem in an expeditious manner.

Jerry Upton