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[802SEC] 802.20 appeals status update

Dear EC members,
As you know, Jerry Upton, Gang Wu and Eshwar Pittampali filed written appeals on the decision the EC decision to not confirm the 802.20 officers at the March 2003 plenary session.  Those appeals were denied.  Subsequently, in late May/early June, Geoff and I received requests for appeal panel hearings (see attached documents).  Since that time the appelants, Geoff and I have been working on converging on a mutually acceptable appeal process and appeal panel.
However, the challenges of developing an appeals process at the LMSC level for appeals relating to EC decisions have proved to be insurmountable or so nearly so as to be impracticable. Therefore, it shall be the policy of LMSC to refer any appeal of an EC decision to the next higher level committee, the Computer Society Standards Activities Board, for disposition.  Specifically with respect to the 802.20 appeals, the appeals are being directed to the CS-SAB (to Jim Moore and Lowell Johnson) this week for resolution.
I will hand over the LMSC appeals process work that has been done to date to Mat Sherman for consideration in development of an 802 specific appeals process. This process will be used for any appeal of a Working Group or lower decision.
--Paul Nikolich

May27 Upton IEEE_Appeal Panel Request_LMSC Upton Final.pdf

Jun06 Eshwar hearing request IEEE APPEL.pdf

Jun03 GangWu LMSC_Appeal_panel_request_Wu.pdf