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Re: [802SEC] Re: Let's Make a Deal For Everyone to do January 2004in Vancouver !!!


I am also fine with it. You really want to ping Howard though.


Bob Heile wrote:
> Buzz
> This is fine with me.  It is up to the wired guys whether we want to 
> make this an interim plenary or not. Could be kinda fun.
> Bob H.
> At 07:01 PM 8/15/2003 -0700, Rigsbee, Everett O wrote:
>> Colleagues,  During our closing meeting in SF I was asked to explore 
>> the possibilities of allowing the Wired Folks (802.1, 802.3, and 
>> 802.17) to join the Wireless Folks for the January 11-16, 2004 Interim 
>> in Vancouver, BC.  After several weeks of looking at various 
>> alternatives to have a workable solution, I believe we have come up 
>> with an arrangement that does the job for an 802-hosted interim for 
>> all who care to partake. 
>> Here's the essence of the deal and why I think it works the best for 
>> all concerned:
>> First some facts:
>> 1. The Wireless Group is really too big for Fairmont VCR but had 
>> kindly volunteered to jam in there to help with the attrition penalty 
>> from July 2002. 
>> 2. The Wired guys did Fairmont Vancouver last January and it was just 
>> perfect for them. 
>> So the deal hinges on the fact that we can get full access to Hyatt 
>> Regency Vancouver for the same week, and I've been told we can get 
>> that if we can act right now.  So we can do all the Wireless Groups 
>> very comfortably at Hyatt Regency Vancouver with their more flexible 
>> meeting space and allow the Wired Groups to have full access to the 
>> Fairmont Hotel Vancouver once again (which they say they prefer 
>> anyway) and everybody's happy.  Not only that but we will be able to 
>> have full coverage for our on-site network for both properties for the 
>> full week as part of our already contracted cost.  This will be an 
>> obvious precursor to our November 2005 plenary with the same two 
>> properties, so we should have all of our set-up and layout issues 
>> thoroughly sorted out beforehand with hardly any effort in 2005. 
>> So I'm thinking we need to do 450 rooms peak at HR-VCR for Wireless 
>> and 300 rooms for Wired, etc. at Fairmont VCR, and have access to all 
>> of their combined meeting spaces all week.  And I believe we can do 
>> all this with a room-rate at both properties of $140.CAD/night  
>> (~=$99.US/night).  We CAN work a deal to this effect if we can agree 
>> to go for it before the end of next week (8/22/03).  If we get bogged 
>> down in too many other alternatives then we will probably lose our 
>> chance at this. 
>> So I would like to open this proposal for consideration and comment 
>> from the EC and various WG reps.  Can we agree to make this one work ??? 
>> It IS a combination that has worked extremely well in the past and the 
>> price seems very reasonable to me. 
>> Thanx,  Buzz
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