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[802SEC] RE: 802 e-news bulletin draft


We will take your edits. We have all inputs but one and will post that way with Paul's OK. I am still trying to get that input.


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From: Roger B. Marks [] 
Sent: Friday, September 05, 2003 1:18 PM
Subject: Re: 802 e-news bulletin draft


What's up with the news bulletin? The last I heard was your note 
below of August 5.

Regarding the draft bulletin, I have a few edits to make:

(a) The Task Group links got mangled and should be corrected: => => => =>

(b) The reference at the end to the 802.16 Session #24 Report should 
have been updated to refer to Session #26, with the link updated 
accordingly (changing "mtg24" to "mtg26").

(c) Under Upcoming IEEE 802.16 Meetings, change our September session to:
* 8-11 September 2003 -- IEEE 802.16 interim meeting in Denver, CO, USA


>The input to the Bulletin is currently past due. The current status of the
>content is not sufficiently complete to allow as going public with the News
>Bulletin. I would appreciate it if all of you could provide me with the
>final input by tomorrow COB.
>Thank You
>Mark Klerer
>PS I have 802.1 and 802.16
>The  first draft of the bulletin is available at the following url.
>User Name: 802review
>Password:  802review
>Please remember that we are looking for input to the final version by July
>30, 2003.
>Mark Klerer