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[802SEC] Hans Karlsson Award Nominations

Hi Everyone,


This year I am serving on the Hans Karlsson Award committee.  John Walz ( is chair, and wanted to know if the LMSC had any nominations for the award this year.  I asked Paul, and he delegated the responsibility of canvassing the EC on the matter to me.  Below please find a description of the award qualifications.  If you know of someone you would like to nominate, please let me know as soon as possible.  If you have any questions let me know as well.


Thanks and Regards,





From the Computer Society Awards Handbook (


6.8 Hans Karlsson Award
Contribution: Presented in recognition of outstanding skills and dedication to diplomacy, team facilitation and joint achievement, in areas of the computer industry where individual aspirations, corporate competition, and organizational rivalry could otherwise be counter to the common good.
Eligibility: Open to all.
Nominator: Anyone may nominate. Nominations will be specifically solicited from the Computer Society Standards committees.
Award: Plaque to be presented by the President of the Computer Society.
Administration: The Awards Committee, in consultation with the Computer Society Standards Activities Board, shall appoint a subcommittee of the Awards Committee to solicit candidates and make the preliminary selection. The prospective candidate(s) will be presented to the Awards Committee for discussion and recommendation, and to the Board of Governors for approval.
Funding: Awards Committee budget covers all expenses incurred, including travel funds to ensure that the recipient and one companion can attend the presentation ceremonies.




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