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[802SEC] ArrayComm claiming their technology to be "Standards-Based (IEEE 802.20)" in CITEL Seminar presentation

Dear EC Members,

I have a real problem with the presentation made by Joanne Wilson of ArrayComm (a member of 802.20) at the CITEL Broadband Seminar today in El Salvador.

The offending slide claims that ArrayComm's "iBurst" is "Proven technology, standards-based (IEEE 802.20), multiple large manufacturers" ... and THAT
is what attendees will be taking home and presumably distributing to their colleagues.

I also mention that IEEE trademarks, if any, on IEEE 802.20 are not honored in  ArrayComm's slides.

I did question Ms. Wilson in the Q&A session following the presentations and got her to verbally clarify that, while ArrayComm may intend to make a proposal in
802.20, that their "iBurst" technology is NOT "802.20" nor is it even certain in any way to become a part of the yet-to-be-defined 802.20 standard.  However, the
slide will still go home with people and when they review it or share it with colleagues the misimpression will be reinforced.

Ms. Wilson's response when confronted privately with the attached slide was "It's done, I clarified, and I'm not going to change the slide now."

I bring this to the attention of the EC because I  believe this misrepresentation in ArrayComm's presentation to the CITEL community is totally inappropriate and I
am interested in what possible action the EC and/or IEEE can/will take.

I am only sending the egregious slide at this time, as the entire presentation is about 7 MB.

Carl R. Stevenson
Chair, IEEE 802.18 Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group
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