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Re: [802SEC] ArrayComm claiming their technology to be "Standards-Based (IEEE 802.20)" in CITEL Seminar presentation


This is clearly MASSIVELY inappropriate
As 802.20 has not even formulated a draft yet, much less had any votes to 
approve the content of a draft.

In short: The claim that anything that is Standards Based and that quotes 
802.20 is oxymoronic.


At 08:01 PM 10/20/2003 -0400, Stevenson, Carl R (Carl) wrote:
>Dear EC Members,
>I have a real problem with the presentation made by Joanne Wilson of 
>ArrayComm (a member of 802.20) at the CITEL Broadband Seminar today in El 
>The offending slide claims that ArrayComm's "iBurst" is "Proven 
>technology, standards-based (IEEE 802.20), multiple large manufacturers" 
>... and THAT
>is what attendees will be taking home and presumably distributing to their 
>I also mention that IEEE trademarks, if any, on IEEE 802.20 are not 
>honored in  ArrayComm's slides.
>I did question Ms. Wilson in the Q&A session following the presentations 
>and got her to verbally clarify that, while ArrayComm may intend to make a 
>proposal in
>802.20, that their "iBurst" technology is NOT "802.20" nor is it even 
>certain in any way to become a part of the yet-to-be-defined 802.20 
>standard.  However, the
>slide will still go home with people and when they review it or share it 
>with colleagues the misimpression will be reinforced.
>Ms. Wilson's response when confronted privately with the attached slide 
>was "It's done, I clarified, and I'm not going to change the slide now."
>I bring this to the attention of the EC because I  believe this 
>misrepresentation in ArrayComm's presentation to the CITEL community is 
>totally inappropriate and I
>am interested in what possible action the EC and/or IEEE can/will take.
>I am only sending the egregious slide at this time, as the entire 
>presentation is about 7 MB.
>Carl R. Stevenson
>Chair, IEEE 802.18 Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group
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