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Re: [802SEC] More on ArrayComm - another slide


I also find slide 16 to be out of bounds with the last
slide not providing sufficient mitigation.

I would remove the following phrase on slide 16
"standards-based (IEEE 802.20)". I leave it to Ms. Wilson
to decide if the phrase "multiple large manufacturers"
is worth keeping.

With regard to the final slide, I would also change the
last bullet to something that is clearer. My reading of
this bullet is that iBURST (tm) has been proposed to
802.20 already as part of a formal process for selection
of technology. If this is not the case, then the
bullet needs to be changes.


Bill Quackenbush wrote:
> All,
> While Ms. Wilson is entitled to her opinions, slide 16 clearly implies
> to me that iBurst is standards based on 802.20, and the last slide does
> not, in my opinion, mitigate that implication.
> Since in general it is only the printed material and/or slides, not the
> words that were spoken, that survive a seminar/workshop/etc. in recorded
> form, the accuracy of those printed materials and slides is of primary importance.
> Thanks,
> wlq
> "Stevenson, Carl R (Carl)" wrote:
>>Ms. Wilson has accused me of "attacking her personally" by "taking the slide (I sent from her presentation) out of context."
>>Her response to my sending what I considered to be text making inaccurate claims to the EC has been to threaten to complain to my employer.  My position is that as a member of the EC, I have a fiduciary-like duty to 802, even though this matter does not directly involve funds.
>>She stated the view that the last statement on the last slide of her presentation mitigates what I (and apparently others) believe to be inaccurate claims as to ArrayComm's technology being "... standards-based (IEEE 802.20) ..."
>>In the interest of fairness, I am attaching the last slide from her presentation with the closing statement that she believes mitigates the text from slide 16 that I sent earlier.
>>I disagree with her assertion that that either or both the last statement on the last slide and her verbal "clairification" in response to my question during the Q&A following her presentation "cures all ills" ... and I have told her that that is my personal view.
>> <<ArrayComm_last_slide_CITEL.ppt>>
>>  ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>                                        Name: ArrayComm_last_slide_CITEL.ppt
>>   ArrayComm_last_slide_CITEL.ppt       Type: application/
>>                                    Encoding: base64
>>                                 Description: ArrayComm_last_slide_CITEL.ppt

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