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[802SEC] Motion to interpret P&P on Monday

I have read the sections that are in conflict in our Policies and
Procedures.  They are section 3.2 and section 5.1.2.  These sections are
both specific rules and do not allow an easy interpretation according to
Robert's Rules, where a specific rule takes precedence over a
conflicting, but general rule.  Unfortunately, this still leaves us with
an ambiguous situation.  Therefore, I have crafted the motion below to
remove the ambiguity that faces us in the current situation.  

If you have suggestions to improve the motion before we get to it on
Monday morning (like via email before the rules meeting on Sunday
night), please send those suggestions to me and I will try to
incorporate them.  Please, limit your suggestions to the immediate
situation and don't try to fix every possible conflict in the rules.

Here is the motion I intend to make on Monday to interpret the apparent
conflict in the policies and procedures.  I will modify the agenda to
address this immediately before the confirmation motions on the 802.20


The intent of the members of the LMSC Executive Committee is to
encourage the smooth and efficient transfer of leadership when a Working
Group or Technical Advisory Group elects new officers, and

There is a conflict in the Policies and Procedures of the LMSC that can
prevent the smooth and efficient transfer of the leadership of a Working
Group or Technical Advisory Group when the confirmation of the Working
Group or Technical Advisory Group officers by the LMSC Executive
Committee takes place at any other time than the closing meeting of the
Executive Committee during a plenary session,


It is resolved that the interpretation of the LMSC Policies and
Procedures is that an officer of a Working Group or Technical Advisory
Group shall assume their office immediately upon confirmation by the
Executive Committee, according to section 3.2 of the Policies and
Procedures.  If such confirmation is of a Working Group or Technical
Advisory Group chair, the chair shall immediately be seated as a member
of the Executive Committee.  The term of any prior officer shall
terminate upon confirmation of an officer for the same position by the
Executive Committee."


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