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[802SEC] P802.3ah advancing to Sponsor ballot per Procedure 10



The second WG recirculation ballot on P802.3ah/D2.2 closed yesterday with no new negative ballots.  The D2.2 results are:


Voters               211

Approve             101

Disapprove        18

Abstain               7


These numbers translate to a 60% response rate, 85% approval rate, and 6% abstention rate.


The ballot produced 21 comments, all were considered and responses were written during a ballot resolution conference call attended by 23 people. 


The ballot included one technical disapprove comment from Mr. Muller.  This comment was a reiteration of a comment submitted and rejected in comment resolution in an earlier ballot.  The comment also addressed text that was not changed from D2.1.  As a result, the WG chair determined that this was an invalid comment as recorded in the D2.2 unresolved negative report listed below (the comment reports for previous ballots were referenced in the motion for conditional approval, and are repeated below for your convenience).


D2.2 unresolved negative report:


D2.1 unresolved negative report (unchanged from EC motion):


D2.0 unresolved negative report (unchanged from EC motion):



D3.0 is to be the subject of the Sponsor Ballot, hopefully opening Friday, 5 December.  In the opinion of the WG Chair, no technical changes (as required  by Procedure 10) have been made to the balloted draft. 


Non-substantive editorial changes were made in producing D3.0 in response to recirculation ballot comments.  In addition to these changes recorded in the comment database, editors made minor editorial corrections, and particular values that were planned to be withheld until Sponsor Ballot (e.g., register numbers, and registration arcs), were filled in.


Based on the above, I believe the requirements of Procedure 10 have been satisfied and therefore, I have requested the Sponsor Ballot.



Bob Grow

Chair, IEEE 802.3