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Re: [802SEC] [STDS-802-16] New version of C802.16d-04_73r3


I've added this to the document archives:

I see that you'd compared r3 to r2. However, the comment under
consideration in the ballot is r1, so it might be more appropriate to
compare to that one. r2 wasn't submitted until 23 April and has not
relevance to the comment resolution.


At 13:59 -0700 04/04/27, Paul Petrus wrote:
>Hi All,
>  I have uploaded a new version of the document (C802.16d-04_73r3) titled "AAS
>Enhancements for OFDMA PHY" in the TGd upload directory. The following are the
>changes relative to the previous version (C802.16d-04_73r2):
>1. On page 6 - table 2, a note was was added to say 'Set DIUC=15 to indicate
>the well known modulation of QPSK, encoded with the mandatory CC at rate 1/2'.
>2. On Page 6/7, preamble definition texts in & are
>slightly modified to explain better the construction of the preambles.
>2. On page 7 - tables 3 and 4, a 4 bit length field is added.
>3. On page 9, right under the text '[Add this text as sec]' a new
>subsection heading ' Optional AAS Direct Signaling Method' is added.
>Dr. Paul Petrus
>Manager, System Design Group
>ArrayComm Inc., San Jose, CA

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