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[802SEC] Interpretation on whether or not a Letter of Intent is required for WG/TAG membership

Dear EC members,
There has been confusion about whether or not a 'letter of intent' to a WG/TAG Chair is required prior to obtaining WG/TAG membership per in the LMSC P&P.  This is due to the paranthetical use of "(optionally)".  See below. 
Is a letter required or not?  Not clear.  This email serves as an interpretation from the LMSC chair to eliminate the ambiguity.
My interpretation is that in use of "(optionally)" means that the WG or TAG chair may require a letter of intent prior to granting membership, as long as the policy is applied uniformly to all potential members.  The Chair / P&P for a WG / TAG may also chose to grant membership without such a letter and such a policy shall be applied uniformly within the WG.
--Paul Nikolich Establishment
All persons participating in the initial meeting of the Working Group
become members of the Working Group.  Thereafter, membership in a
Working Group is established by participating in the meetings of the
Working Group at two out of the last four Plenary sessions, and
(optionally) a letter of intent to the Chair of the Working Group.
Participation is defined as at least 75% presence at a meeting.
Membership starts at the third Plenary session attended by the
participant.  One duly constituted interim Working Group or task group
meeting may be substituted for the Working Group meetings at one of the
two Plenary sessions (See Meetings and Participation).
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