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Re: [802SEC] Reminder on TV Band PAR for consideration

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> Howard Frazier wrote:
> > I can find no record of having received this material in
> > the timeframe required by our P&P.  I believe that
> > the requirements for advance notice of new PARs have not
> > been met.
> >
> > I will therefore vote against approval.
> >
> > Howard

I do not have any record/recollection of Howard notifying me of a change in his e-mail address.

I also did not receive a "bounce" from Howard's old e-mail address to which the PAR was sent.  Had I received one, I would have pursued alternate means of delivery.

As Howard commented to me, had I sent the e-mail to the EC reflector he would have received it, but that is not a requirement of the P&P. 

My use of an EC distribution list was inadvertent (I have two EC entries in my contacts, one for the distribution list and one for the EC reflector, and I apparently clicked on the former), but I believe it meets the P&P requirements of Procedure 2, which states: "Complete PARs shall be delivered to all Executive Committee members not less than 30 days prior to the day of the Opening Executive Committee meeting of an LMSC Plenary session." and does not specify that delivery must be via the EC reflector (in fact, there is no mention of the reflector and there are alternate means such as FAX, postal mail, etc. that are indicated as acceptable).

Additional relevant text from Procedure 2 of the P&P states: "Delivery may be assumed if sent by either FAX or e-mail one full working day prior to the deadline ..."

I thus believe that I complied with the requirements of the P&P by making a good faith effort to deliver the material to him (and all of the EC members, as required by the P&P) and that this PAR should not be delayed for another cycle because of the change in Howard's e-mail address of which I was unaware. 

In the absence of an indication that Howard had not received my e-mail, it seems reasonable to rely on the P&P statement  that "Delivery may be assumed if ..."



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