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[802SEC] Membership Roster information is complete

Dear WG and TAG chairs,
I now have all the membership data.  The summary information is as follows:
Working Group Number Voters
802.1 50
802.3 182
802.11 507
802.15 261
802.16 149
802.17 38
802.18 20
802.19 12
802.20 189
802.21 49
TOTAL                                               1457
It is interesting to note that the total membership is close to the actual number of plenary session attendees.  There is little correlation, I think, since many attendees do not ever become members, and some attendees are members of multiple groups.  Hmmm.  Maybe 'Membership" is a good long term averaging filter that is a good predictor of plenary session attendance.  I would be interested to hear your opinions.
Now that we have the current data, I'm curious as to what you think will happen to the number of your voters versus time.  If any of you are willing to estimate your voting membership size for each plenary through the November 2005, send it to me and I collect that information and we could use it as another estimate tool for our plenary session attendance.
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