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Re: [802SEC] +++EC Email Ballot+++ENDS 25 SEPT+++Motion to approve expenditure for CD-ROM production


At 12:50 AM 9/16/2004 -0700, you wrote:
Subject: Re: [802SEC] +++EC Email Ballot+++ENDS 25 SEPT+++
Motion to approve expenditure for CD-ROM production

I approve.

To respond to Roger's comment on the obsolete caption, I have asked Dawn
to check to see if we still have the original artwork and if she has
tome to modify it.  If both are true, we will change the CD-ROM label to
remove the caption.

To respond to John's comment that we change the edition numbering
scheme, I would rather not.  The CD-ROM is published at the end of a
year and is distributed long into the following year.  Changing the
numbering of the edition, would be troublesome at this point.

Finally, to respond to Karen's request to use the IEEE logo, rather than
our own creation, I would like to hear more discussion.


My preference on the logo issue would be:
        Dual logo
        IEEE logo on the left
        802 logo on the right
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