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Re: [802SEC] 802-Hosted Interim for 802.3 WG in Vancouver for their January Interim

Bob,    Well, I guess that is because I was only answering with respect to IEEE802-Hosted sessions.  There is, of course, a different set of answers for company-hosted interim sessions as we have seen in the past, and if IEEE is now willing to step up, there may be a 3rd set of answers for IEEE-Hosted meetings (I was not aware of this category previously).  We have tended to keep hands off the non-802-Hosted sessions because we felt that was something to be worked out between the WG(s) and the hosting company.  But perhaps it is time to develop some guidelines, especially if IEEE is going to be doing part of the hosting.  
BTW-  I told Paul that I assumed you would second my motion to approve 802 hosting the 802.3 interim in Vancouver, so I'd appreciate it if you would send him an email to confirm that.  
Thanx,  Buzz
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