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[802SEC] FW: 802.11 Proposed PARs for Consideration: P802.11u & P802.11v under 30-day rule

Title: 802 ExCom members,



802 ExCom members,


I am writing to notify you of two 802.11 PARs that arose out of the Working Group's September 2004 Berlin Interim session. The WG chair had clarified a quorum was present, by confirming that there were 216 voters present at the session out of the 411 total 802.11 voting membership:


The documentation for both of these PARs and their relevant 5 Criteria are available on the 802.11 web page at the URL below:


·                     P802.11u:  Wireless InterWorking with External Networks (amendment to 802.11)


·                     Study Group Vote: passes 15:1:0 (94% for)

·                    WG Vote: passes 62 : 3 : 32 (95% for) 

·                    Stephen McCann is accepted by acclamation by the WG as Chair of TGu.


·                     P802.11v:  Wireless Network Management (amendment to 802.11)


·         Study Group Vote: passes 14:1:1

·         Due to corruption of the document on the session server at the time of the main vote to approve, the WG Voted to start a WG LB (#72) for approval of the PAR & 5 Criteria: This action passed 73 : 2 : 4 – LB# 72 began October 1 and closes on Sunday, November 7, 2004 before the opening of the November 2004 Plenary session. In consultation with the 802 Chair on the closing of this WG LB vote result to approve P802.11v being before the start of the next session, and abiding by the 30-day rule, it was felt that we should present this PAR & 5 Criteria for your consideration. Background information is presented below.

·         The TGu Chair is to be confirmed at the November session.


Background Information:


The WNM Study Group passed the following motion as taken from the study group minutes (11-04-1056-02-0wnm-wmn-september-2004-interim-minutes.doc):


Move to adopt document 11-04-0537-07-0wnm-WNM Draft PAR and documented 11-04-0684-01-0wnm-draft-5-criteria-wireless-network-management.doc and forward them to the 802.11 Working Group for approval to start a Task Group.

Moved by Richard Paine

Seconded by Joe Kwak

For: 14 Against: 1 Abstain: 1

Motion Passes


As can bee seen, the motion that passed was for document 537r7 and the posted document is 537r8. During the interim session, document 537r7 was a completed copy of the web form of the IEEE PAR which was used as a template in Microsoft Word. That document became corrupted when it was uploaded to the document server and was unusable by the membership at the final plenary meeting of the interim session and, by the 802.11 Policies and Procedures for the 4 hour rule, could not be voted on during that plenary. Document 537r8 is the exact document that was voted on in the WNM-SG session and final Working Group Plenary with the exception that the document has been repaired so that all macros and formatting that caused the 537r7 document to be corrupted were removed.


The following motion was presented at the final plenary session as taken from the 802.11 closing plenary minutes:


Move to request the 802.11 WG chair to start a 40 day WG letter ballot for the purpose of approving the WNM SG PAR and 5 Criteria and move the forward to the 802 SEC to start a Task Group

·         Move Harry Worstell

·         Second Al Petrick

·         Discussion

o        The CGI-based web form for PAR has caused major problems. Request the WG to formally protest to IEEE and request that PARs are submitted and reviewed in Word DOC format.

o        Does it have to be 40 days? The WG states it does.

o        Can we add document numbers to the motion? No objections.

o        Will there be an opportunity to make comments? Yes, this is a WG LB. Comments on the question are in order.

o        Will there be comment resolution in November?

o        At the end of July, the PAR and 5C were brought forward and discussed. Why didn’t that get completed. The WNM formally withdrew the PAR and 5C at that time. He wanted to have a meeting where it could be discussed, rather than wordsmithing via a letter ballot process.

o        Suggests that a letter to the reflector would notify the body if a motion was withdrawn. The WG chair notes the comment.

o        In this situation where the PAR is very difficult to manipulate, can we have separate motions? We have always treated them as one package.

§         Motion as modified:

§         Move to request the 802.11 WG chair to start a 40 day WG letter ballot for the purpose of approving the WNM SG PAR (11-04-0537-r7) and 5 Criteria (11-04-0068r1) and move the forward to the 802 SEC to start a Task Group

·         Discussion

o        How will comment resolutions be handled?

o        The WNM chair requests withdrawing the motion

·         Discussion

o        Why are we not voting on this document. It has been on the server for 4 hours. It is not corrupted.

o        Some members had problems opening the document.

o        The WG chair follows the request of the WNM Chair and asks to withdraw the motion.

o        There is no need to delay – comments can be resolved in November, and results re-approved in November.

o        There is no requirement that any comment be address on this email ballot. This email ballot is to substitute to discuss and debate this motion today. If the motion passes, it passes.

o        If the comments come in, they will be duly noted, but there is no need to formally resolve. Any members with objections should post to the reflector during the letter ballot process. This is not a draft. It is just asking the group a question like it was done in a meeting.

o        Given there is an opportunity to submit comments, it would be polite to answer them.

o        As we are more dependant on electronics, problems like this will occur. If we can certify that the procedure has been followed with good faith, we should make an exception to the 4 hour rule.

o        The WG chair respects the advice of the 802 parliamentarian.

o        The WG chair notes that he will lodge a formal protest of the problems with the IEEE PAR process.

·         Any objection to call the question? None

·         Vote: Motion passes 73: 2 : 4


·         Harry Worstell notes that he is not a candidate for chair of TGv. No other nominations have been accepted by acclamation yet. The Chair is to be confirmed at the November session.


The Letter Ballot for this motion is Letter Ballot #72 that began October 1 and closes on November 7, 2004.


802.11 intends to request forwarding the two PARs to NesCom at the close of the November EC meeting and will be pre-submitting them to NesCom. Should a request to forward be denied, the appropriate item will be pulled from NesCom's agenda.








Stuart J. Kerry

Chair, IEEE 802.11 WLANs WG


Philips Semiconductors, Inc.

1109 McKay Drive, M/S 48A SJ,

San Jose, CA 95131-1706,

United States of America.


Ph : +1 (408) 474-7356

Fax: +1 (408) 474-5343

Cell: +1 (408) 348-3171





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