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Re: [802SEC] Request to Form a JWG between 802 and ISO/IEEE X73

Dear EC members,
The below email requests the establishment of a Joint Working Group between IEEE 1073 and 802.  I am passing the request to you for consideration.  I encourage the 802.11WG and 802.15WG to address the request during their meetings this week.  It is too late to meet the request for a call for participation this week--but at least the concept can be presented to the groups and prelimiary feedback obtained.
--Paul Nikolich
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Sent: Friday, November 12, 2004 2:03 PM
Subject: Request to Form a JWG between 802 and ISO/IEEE X73


We talked about a year ago or so about the need for coordination and dialogue between 802 groups and the IEEE 1073 / ISO TC215 medical device communication groups ("X73" for short), especially in the areas of wireless communication and coexistence.

Since that time, the RF wireless working group within X73 has been very busy with strong participation from OEMs (led by Motorola), medical device manufacturers (GE, Philips, ...), regulatory(FDA), and health care providers.  During the discussions, though, it has become increasingly clear that we need to pull in experts from various 802 committees to help resolve issues and make sure that (a) the standards in place meet the requirements from our use cases; (b) in-development standards also meet our needs ... e.g., .11e for QoS; and (c) that we properly profile comm stacks using 802 standards.

We would like to explore the creation of a joint working group (e.g., 802X73 JWG) that would provide the context for liaison and collaborative activities between the two groups, with an initial focus on 802.11 profiles, esp. security and QoS.

To that end and given the upcoming meetings:

1) Could this be added as an agenda item for the Executive Committee next week (Monday / Friday) to discuss a resolution about the formation of such a JWG?

2) Could we issue a Call for Participation sometime next week to the attendees in general?  (perhaps during an 802.11 / .15 plenary and via list servers?)

3) We would like to schedule an initial conference call for those interested the first week of December

4) For the first 802.11 based project of the JWG, we would like to have more substantive discussions during the wireless WG meetings in Monterey this January and possibly during our WG meetings in Orlando the week later.  We are currently talking with Stuart Kerry in this regard.

We realize you are VERY busy right now with the meetings in San Antonio, but appreciate your timely attention to this request.


Todd Cooper
Chair, ISO TC 215 WG 2.1 Health Informatics - Messaging & Communication - Devices
Chair, IEEE 1073 Point-of-Care Medical Device Communication Standards
(V) 858.484.8231
(F) 720.293.3297

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