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Re: [802SEC] Attendance Credit At LMSC WG Meetings

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> Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2004 9:28 AM
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> The primary problem here is getting any kind of accurate
> information on abusers - unless you are specifically looking
> to see whether person X has signed in and is absent, its
> pretty difficult to tell, especially in a room with a good
> number of people in it. So while 3) might be desirable, I
> don't believe it is possible to instigate any realistic
> tightening, short of some kind of electronic tagging, which
> isn't going to happen. So I believe the main weapon we have
> is to embarrass the persons concerned into behaving appropriately.
> Regards,
> Tony

If/when we get a functional cross-802 electronic attendance system, it can
at least prevent people from signing in in multiple meetings in the same
slot.  Presumably, one would sign in to a meeting and then leave to go to
another, so that would be of some help by at least eliminating
"double-dipping."  However, unless it is noticed that someone is not
present, or some other means is instituted, it would be difficult to prevent
someone from gaining credit for attending a meeting if they e.g. simply went
back to their room for a nap after signing in, rather than trying to get
credit for two meetings at the same time.


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