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Re: [802SEC] Attendance Credit At LMSC WG Meetings

At 23:56 01/12/2004, John Lemon wrote:
>More experienced ones:
>I'm seeking some advice on how to handle a claim of attendance at the most
>recent plenary meeting. One person managed to sign-in for 75% of the
>half-day sign-in slots for 802.17. However, said person was not actually
>in attendance for more than a few minutes for some of those periods.
>What would you recommend we do in such a situation?
>1. Strike the sign-ins for the periods when the person was in attendance
>for only a few minutes, and notify them of the action?
>2. Strike the sign-ins for the periods when the person was in attendance
>for only a few minutes, without notifying them of the action?
>3. Count this as a learning experience and institute tighter control on
>the sign-in booklet in the future?
>4. Other?
>If you chose 3, how would you recommend preventing this abuse in the future?
>Tony, I came in to the 802.1 meeting for our joint 802.1/802.17 meeting
>just as you were finishing saying something about this to the 802.1
>participants. I missed most of what you said. Could you repeat it here?

John -

I don't remember my exact words, but the sense of what I said doesn't
differ much from the other responses to this thread.

I would personally advocate a variation on 1) where the first step is to
make sure that the person concerned is fully aware of the requirement for
sign in, and point out to them that approach 1) would be the result on any
future infringements.

The primary problem here is getting any kind of accurate information on
abusers - unless you are specifically looking to see whether person X has
signed in and is absent, its pretty difficult to tell, especially in a room
with a good number of people in it. So while 3) might be desirable, I don't
believe it is possible to instigate any realistic tightening, short of some
kind of electronic tagging, which isn't going to happen. So I believe the
main weapon we have is to embarrass the persons concerned into behaving


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