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Re: [802SEC] FW: Plenary Meeting locations

The wireless interims, without 16 have been running 700-800 people and up to 16 parallel meetings.  It is a challenge to find single facility venues.  We now have commitments through 2006 since finding good venues is not easy and being in one hotel/facility is mandatory from a network perspective and cross meeting fertilization.

At 04:29 PM 12/16/2004 +0000, Tony Jeffree wrote:
At 15:56 16/12/2004, Mike Takefman wrote:
An interesting question is whether people would have an
issue with multiple hotels for each of the groups. Given
that it is not a plenary, there is no need for the
extra large meeting spaces for all 802 meetings.

It might be easy to put .1/.3/.17 in one hotel and
wireless in the other. This worked just fine in vancouver
as far as I am concerned.

That can work well in some circumstances - as you say, Vancouver works just
fine that way (as long as .1/.3/.17 get to be in the Fairmont of
course...), however, in contrast, the recent meeting in San Antonio sucked
as a consequence of the meetings being spread across 3 locations, one of
which was a long way from the other two.

Interestingly enough (as it was one of only 2 overseas venues to date), the
other place where the multi-hotel approach worked just fine was Enschede -
the meeting space was all on one campus, and the downtown area was a short
stroll from the main hotels.


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