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[802SEC] Of Ballots and Telecons....

Title: Of Ballots and Telecons....


I realize Im pummeling everyone with all these ballots and telecons.  I do want to be as accommodating as possible.  For various reasons, Fridays work out best for me to hold these meetings.  I chose lunch time because I felt it was a reasonable compromise between all the time zones.  I am open to other times if people feel they would work better.  Please let me know if there are preferences.

One last point.  I notice that some EC members seem never to participate in the P&P revision process.  I was hoping that the telecom format would ease that issue somewhat.  Ive also suggested sending delegates to the comment resolution to help ease the load.  If people chose not to participate, I think its bad but I can accept it.  What I really dont want is that we spend months discussing things and resolving things and then someone who didnt participate in the process objects at the final vote.  I am hoping that people who choose not to participate will give those that did the benefit of the doubt and not block their work when the final vote comes.  I am also open to other ideas for making the process more convenient and easier for everyone.  Right now, this is the best I can come up with given the goals we have set.  Please let me know if you have comments on the process.



Matthew Sherman, Ph.D.

Senior Member Technical Staff


Office: +1 973.633.6344


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